Investfly integrates Tradier API

Source: Tradier

Tradier, Inc., the leading brokerage-as-a-service company, today announced online trading platform and California-based Investfly integrated with the Tradier API to empower the Investfly community with the ability to place live trades directly from its platform.

Through Investfly’s suite of trading tools and interactive forums that reduce the complexity of trading, veteran and rookie traders are able to create smarter investment strategies. The integration into Tradier’s API will further simplify the trading experience. It will provide Investfly users a seamless and fully integrated experience that offers both stock information and guidance along with the ability to trade from the Investfly user interface.

Investfly’s users already benefit from trade automation tools, stock market information and screeners, back testing, mobile SMS and email alerts, educational stock market games and an active social network where members can exchange ideas and tips. Taking Investfly’s investor toolkit and proprietary platform to the next level, with Tradier, users can now go from idea to the action of buying or selling a trade within the community.

“Tradier shares our commitment in making trading easier and more accessible,” said James Bohannon, Chief Marketing Officer, Investfly. “Many of our users are not technical experts, yet they’re able to create and run advanced trading strategies. Now, with our integration of Tradier’s API, our community can immediately act on these strategies without leaving our dashboard.”

“Innovative platforms like Investfly are meeting a growing market demand for trading solutions that are social, educational, market-savvy and most notably, simple,” said Craig Russell, Chief Evangelist and SVP of Product at Tradier, Inc. “It’s a relatively recent phenomenon over the past year or so that trading platforms are able to deliver all of this. This latest integration means that consumers now have even more choice when it comes to an end-to-end, seamless trading experience. By enabling firms like Investfly, Tradier has created an eco-system for the next generation of traders who are increasingly turning to modern brokerage solutions.”

This momentum comes on the heels of Tradier announcing its recent milestone of exceeding 100 financial service firms integrated with its brokerage API. 

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