Qkr! with MasterPass pay-at-table app goes live at Zizzi restaurants

Source: MasterCard

From next Monday, customers at Zizzi restaurants across the UK no longer need to ask for the bill. They now have the option to pay from their smartphone, through the Qkr! with MasterPass app.

Developed by MasterCard Labs, Qkr! is already used to great acclaim throughout wagamama and ASK Italian restaurants, saving time for customers and waiters alike. Studies show that the average time between asking for a bill and leaving a restaurant is between 10 and 12 minutes, but Qkr! reduces this to a few seconds.

Diners can search for nearby Zizzi restaurants in the app, and on arrival they will be prompted to ‘check in’, which generates a four-digit code. Customers share this code with the waiting staff when they order their meal.

Diners can then view the items they have ordered on their phone - and pay when they are ready. For other diners wishing to split the bill, they can input the same code into their phone, see the entire order, and select and pay for what is theirs when ready.

The app offers diners the following benefits:
• Convenience - control of how and when they pay. If they are in a hurry they can do so straight away, or if they are with friends they can split the bill.
• Simplicity - the app is easy to download and customers can register any payment card, not just a MasterCard.
• Security - MasterCard processes 65,000 secure transactions a minute. Diners know that their transaction is safe and secure.

For the restaurants the benefits are simple: quicker payments allow more customers to dine, and staff have more time to take orders and deliver food - and these benefits are passed to back to diners through more attentive and efficient service throughout their meal.

Qkr! with MasterPass is quickly building scale across UK restaurant chains, with Carluccio’s soon to accept payment this way. The versatility of the app is evidenced in its varied use around the world, from stadia at the Copa America football tournament in South America, to paying for schools meals in Australia and cinemas in the U.S.

Scott Abrahams, Group Head of Acceptance and Emerging Payments, MasterCard UK & Ireland said: “Qkr! is now available in hundreds of restaurants up and down the country. Diners are enjoying the growing number of venues that accept the app as a payment method. For forward thinking restaurants like Zizzi it’s a great way to deliver even better customer service without making any compromises. Carluccio’s will be the next to come on board this year, but we’re talking to a growing number of restaurants who recognise that this offers a fast, safe and convenient way to pay.”

Doug Wooten, head of IT for the Azzurri Group which owns Zizzi, said: “Our customers at ASK Italian are already enjoying the app so this is a natural step to bring Zizzi on board. It’s the little details that keep customers happy at mealtimes, whether they’re a young family or a group of work colleagues in a hurry. The benefits of Qkr! are easy to see for both our diners and our staff.”

Qkr! with MasterPass app is available for diners at wagamama, ASK Italian and Zizzi (both part of the Azzurri Group), and later this year at Carluccios. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

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