Texas Bank & Trust deploys Intrusion ID theft prevention system

Source: Intrusion

Intrusion Inc. (Nasdaq:INTZ) announced today it received an order for its Compliance Commander Identity Theft Prevention System from Texas Bank & Trust, one of the state's strongest independent financial institutions headquartered in Longview, Texas.

Like an information "safety net" Compliance Commander is placed on financial institutions' networks, typically next to the perimeter firewall, to block, in real-time, unencrypted personal customer information from leaking out.

"Intrusion's no-cost ID Theft Compliance Assessment helped us immediately see the value of Compliance Commander and its ability to report on network-initiated identity theft vulnerabilities," explained Chris Hendricks, Information Security Officer for Texas Bank & Trust. "Once we determined a solution was required, we quickly became impressed with Compliance Commander's real-time and highly accurate ID Theft Prevention and Regulated Information Compliance reporting capabilities."

Supported by a national network of certified reseller partners, Compliance Commander monitors all network communications ports and protocols. In addition to blocking unencrypted text information contained in emails, the system can also prevent loss of data in email attachments, file transfers, instant messenger communications and custom applications. Compliance Commander incorporates Intrusion's unique Dynamic Data Dictionary (D3) technology, which does not rely on older, pattern-matching recognition approaches as employed by other systems, but uses exact matching of the customer's data. This approach eliminates false alerts and allows in-line deployment for a true, real-time ID Theft prevention solution.

Intrusion's partner in delivering the Compliance Commander to Texas Bank & Trust was Integrated Network Solutions (INS). "Since our inception, INS has been geared toward delivering advanced IT Security and Compliance products to leading East Texas and Louisiana banks, credit unions and other financial services firms," explained Keyvan Shahrdar, CEO of INS. "INS was pleased to be one of Intrusion's first partners to become certified to install and support the Compliance Commander. We appreciate the confidence Intrusion and Texas Bank & Trust have placed in us to deliver this unique ID Theft Prevention solution to one of East Texas' most successful independent financial institutions."

Ben Bittle, Intrusion Director of Product Management, added, "With the added support of our certified Channels Plus partners, Intrusion's Compliance Assessment report has been a valuable tool for our customers, such as Texas Bank & Trust, in determining potential ID Theft problem areas while simultaneously learning how Compliance Commander can resolve them. As we expand our channel support offerings, we look forward to recruiting more partners and having the opportunity to serve more banks, credit unions and other financial services companies with our ID Theft and Regulated Information Compliance solutions."

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