AFS and Diebold to provide cheque-image deposit at ATMs

Source: Advanced Financial Solutions

Advanced Financial Solutions (AFS), a Metavante company and leading provider of image-based payment processing solutions, and Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD), a leading provider of self-service solutions, today announced an agreement to co-market an image-enabled automated teller machine (ATM) deposit capture solution, enabling the complete electronic processing of checks deposited at the ATM.

The Diebold ImageWay ATM solution electronically transmits deposit data and check images from the ATM to the AFS ImageVision platform, which provides a full suite of image-based item processing services.

"Given the AFS and Diebold leadership positions in check imaging and integrated self-service delivery systems, we are prepared to provide financial institutions around the country with a complementary solution and business strategy that takes maximum advantage of the industry's move toward check truncation and image-enabled ATM deposit capture," said Ken Justice, vice president of global product marketing and management for Diebold.

According to Dove Consulting, nearly 11 billion ATM transactions are conducted every year in the United States; however, less than 10 percent of consumers use an ATM to make a check deposit. According to Synergistics Research Corp. consumers are more likely to adopt ATM deposits if they could receive images of the checks as a receipt. Since the passage of the Check 21 Act in late 2004, ATM image-deposit capture pilot programs that eliminate the deposit envelope have shown increased consumer acceptance, and an increase in per-machine transaction volume.

Until recently, the ATM has been an overlooked factor in improving the check deposit handling process. With check images captured remotely at the ATM, truncation of the paper check at the earliest point of the process becomes a reality, with the revenue from the paper check product being maintained and enhanced through electronic clearing and settlement.

"In today's marketplace, more and more financial institutions will be looking to image capture and truncate checks at the ATM, a point of first deposit," said Gary Nelson, president, AFS. "AFS and Diebold are teaming up to offer a powerful solution that allows ATMs to become an important delivery channel and strategic capture point while increasing the value proposition of the ATM program."

The steps to full ATM deposit automation began in 1992 with the introduction of the Diebold Intelligent Depository ModuleT (IDM). Over the years, enhanced technology for image capture, image quality analysis, and intelligent character recognition ensured highly reliable check imaging in the self-service environment. On a similar timeline, AFS developed leading applications for image-based item processing. ImageWay links these two powerful solutions. Image-enabled ATM deposit capture reduces deposit processing and back office costs, speeds up the processing cycle, makes funds and transaction information available sooner, and improves fraud detection.

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