E*Trade opens one-stop-shop for analyst comments and social sentiment

Source: E*Trade

E*TRADE Financial Corporation (ETFC) today announced the introduction of TipRanks, a one-stop shop for aggregated stock analyst recommendations, analyst rankings, and social sentiment.

TipRanks aggregates analyst recommendations on individual stocks in a way that is clear and easy to understand. In measuring the value of an analyst’s recommendation, TipRanks takes a scientific approach to what was once a murky process, factoring in the percentage of an analyst’s recommendations that results in a positive return, the average return per recommendation, and the number of recommendations an analyst has made. This methodology allows investors to narrow the universe of recommendations based on analyst track records.

“As investors increasingly search for ways to navigate market noise and social chatter, TipRanks cuts through the clutter by offering one-stop access to vetted expert insight and community sentiment,” said Dave Herbert, SVP of Retail Services at E*TRADE Financial. “With TipRanks, we continue our legacy of delivering innovative digital tools that help investors make smarter, more informed decisions.”

E*TRADE customers can access TipRanks directly on etrade.com. The service compiles and aggregates opinions from more than 3,700 sell-side analysts and 4,500 financial bloggers. Specific TipRanks features include:

Analyst consensus and average price targets for stocks — presented as unambiguous lines on a graph to clearly indicate analyst opinion on price movement.
Individual analyst buy/hold/sell recommendations for equities, along with links to sources.
One to five-star accuracy ratings for individual analysts, along with average returns and success rates.
Aggregate financial blogger sentiment over a 12-month period.

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