Clink launches no-fee investment app

Source: Clink

Clink today launches its no-fee investment app on iOS and Android that simplifies the investment and savings process.

Targeting the passive saver in today's mobile generation, Clink offers a first-class automatic investment program that goes beyond adding up spare change to save. Clink allows users to create a personal investment plan and select a preset amount of money using their checking account or allocate specified funds every time a credit card is used. Funds are added to a user's Clink account then invested into a diversified investment portfolio, composed of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), with no commission or hidden fees. Clink puts users in the driver's seat for investing with its customizable features to make saving seamless.

Clink is developed by financial industry veterans with the mission to alleviate the stress associated with investing and saving. Its stock selection is based on the Modern Portfolio Theory, a finance theory based on maximizing return with minimal risk. Clink's investment algorithm applies a portfolio that's right for each user based on how aggressive or cautious they would like to be. This removes the guesswork and apprehension often associated with choosing the best stocks due to the volatility of the market. Users have immediate access to their funds and can withdraw money from their Clink account at any time.

To begin, users set up a Clink account -- either within the app or online -- to safely link to their checking account and/or credit card. They will then determine how much money they would like to contribute to their investment portfolio and how often with the Clink scheduler -- this can be as low as $1 biweekly. Users can also choose to automatically save a fixed percentage of what they spend every time they use their credit card to dine out or shop online. Saving quickly becomes an effortless daily routine with Clink and both beginning and passive savers have a better way to prepare for the future with a successful investment portfolio.

"As a longtime member of the financial community, I have found that many people -- particularly the millennial generation -- are often hesitant about investing in the stock market or unsure about where to begin," said Eyal Fruchtman, founder and CEO of Clink who has more than 17 years of experience in the finance and tech spaces. "This has led us to rethink investing and create Clink, a free app that can be easily incorporated into anyone's unique lifestyle. Designed for mobile, Clink's advanced platform simplifies investing and allows users to personalize their contributions and save every time they spend."

Investments with Clink are insured through the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) for up to $500,000. Clink uses bank-level security measures to protect user's personal information for maximum protection. Sensitive data is encrypted using SSL and 256-bit encryption.

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