Big Data Federation ships stock earnings prediction platform

Source: Big Data Federation

Big Data Federation announced today that the company’s stock earnings prediction platform, PredictionValley, has exited beta and has been released to the public.

PredictionValley is a disruptive technology that can make financial predictions with extreme accuracy by processing enormous amounts of unique and untapped data.

During the past six quarters, with its revolutionary self-learning, machine intelligent algorithms, PredictionValley has predicted key business fundamentals and stock directions after earnings with an average accuracy of around 98% and 80%, respectively. Some examples of stocks predicted are Netflix, Apple, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook,, Zynga, Pandora Media, Expedia, Priceline, and all major US Airlines. This upcoming earnings season, prediction coverage will expand to include blockbuster stocks such as Amazon, Intel, Nvidia, Cisco and other stocks with high liquidity.

PredictionValley gives complete graphical visibility of a stock's business fundamentals. Users can search for most stocks in the US Stock Exchange to understand historical data such as stock performance in and around earnings. For stocks predicted by PredictionValley, users will have a much deeper insight about historical and unique fundamental operating metrics. PredictionValley users will also have access to predictions of the stock direction for the day after earnings of covered stocks.

“We are aggregating and analyzing the most coveted and complex data and translating them into simple and actionable signals for investors all over the world. We are excited to bring to market the most advanced, yet easy-to-use prediction tool. Stock investment will never be the same after this revolutionary platform," said Dr. Pouya Taaghol, Founder and CEO of Big Data Federation, Inc.

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