JD Finance choses Experian for fraud protection

Source: JD Finance

JD Finance owned by China’s largest online direct sales company JD, has selected Experian, the global leader in information services as a partner to jointly develop an anti-fraud system for online transactions.

JD Finance leverages FraudNet, an industry-leading fraud detection and prevention solution from 41st Parameter, part of Experian’s suite of fraud prevention tools, to detect and prevent fraud.

With internet fraud on the rise in China and Chinese online shoppers made vulnerable, the use of big data analytics in Experian’s anti-fraud solution to elevate security is especially vital in fighting online fraud. FraudNet has been tailored for Chinese market and the localized anti-fraud solutions is able to effectively detect and prevent fraudulent payments and transactions that are unique to the Chinese e-commerce environment.

Stella Shen Xiaochun, Head of Risk Management of JD Finance said, “We serve an entire eco-system of customers: from suppliers in our direct sales channel to the marketplace with retailers and brands, and ultimately to our online consumers globally. As a result, we are always thinking about ways to protect our consumers from fraudulent activity, especially in the face of cyber fraud threats that have become increasingly complex.”

“As a technology-driven company, we are focused on finding the best-in-class approach to achieve our commitment to prevent losses due to fraud. Experian’s FraudNet solution is a critical component to our comprehensive fraud strategy and it enables us to provide a value-added service that authenticates consumers while preserving a positive customer experience,” added Stella Shen.

To prevent fraud threats, Experian’s FraudNet analyses the behavioral data of JD.com’s customers and recognises every device used to access websites. Through this protective solution, it provides the ability to detect and identify suspicious activity before a fraud attempt is done.

Chris Yao, Managing Director of Greater China at Experian said, “The fraud landscape will continue to evolve and organisations will be faced with significant pressure to evaluate their strategies to fight fraud. This requires a similar evolution in the type of advanced analytical capabilities that can be utilized to meet the gap. This installation of FraudNet with JD.com demonstrates our commitment to help solve difficult and challenging problems with our unique algorithms and arm them with the ability to safely accelerate their business growth.”

Commenting on the modern fraud risks faced in China, Chris Yao added, “As a trusted leader in data security and fraud management, Experian is investing in innovative new ways to combat fraud to create robust anti-fraud technologies to support businesses in China.”

This FraudNet installation is the first deployment in China and is Experian’s largest roll-out to date and has successfully supported JD during its high volume Singles Day

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