SIA goes green

Source: SIA

To reduce the environmental impact of its activities, as of 2016 SIA has chosen “green energy”, more specifically wind power and geothermal energy, to supply its Italian premises and data centers.

This will enable SIA to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by about 6,000 tons per year, calculated on an emission factor in the Italian electricity mix at distribution of approximately 0.53 kg of carbon dioxide for every kilowatt-hour produced (source: Ministry of Environment).

Conservation of resources, use of the best technologies available and a preventive and responsible approach are some of the objectives SIA pursues on a daily basis with regard to environmental sustainability.

In particular, using energy rationally and turning to renewable sources are policies the company has been promoting since 2011. The building where SIA’s headquarters are located falls into the B energy class and has a 58 kW plant made up of 323 silicon solar panels that produce on average 70,000 kWh/year of clean energy.

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