Vontobel provides security with new Kobil Systems platform

Source: Vontobel

Swiss asset manager Vontobel relies on Kobil Systems’ security platform mIDentity Protection when it comes to e-banking.

The platform optimizes aspects like strong authentication and secured access from desktops and mobile terminals - not only for private banking clients but also for independent asset managers and proprietary employees.

Basic components of the new e-banking portal used by Vontobel are Trusted Login, Trusted Web View and the Trusted app made by KOBIL Systems. So-called “mini” serves as login-code to verify the digital client identity with. This USB token contains the Trusted Web View (secured browser) app for Windows and Mac-OS required for secured e-banking from desktops.

The output browser is “solidified” by Trusted Web View (TWV), i.e.: the browser is pre-configured and clients can exclusively activate the bank’s website. The chip card integrated with mini encodes the communication and authenticates the user.

If platform mIDentity is being used, a dedicated server in the background continuously monitors and secures the applications. The server deploys a separate security channel to verify equipment uniqueness, applications authenticity and users authentication. “Through mIDentity Protection we offer clients, partners and employees secured access to applications they permanently need”, Dr. Erik Dahmen, KOBIL’s Product Manager, proudly explains.

Secured banking also on mobile platforms

The adaptation also enables Vontobel to offer its clients new and reliable mobile banking options as secured log-on and safe access to mobile banking are now realized through iOS and Android apps based on KOBIL’s Trusted App. Vontobel uses this basic security feature to protect its apps.

However, it is not only Vontobel’s end clients who benefit from KOBIL’s new security platform. Also employees can now access internal applications via Trusted-Login provided through smartphone-apps. As an additional upgrade, the new online-portal for independent asset managers is also going to be optimized and secured by safe log-on based on Trusted Web View and USB token mini.

That means the entire authentication of third-party access to Vontobel’s applications was consolidated on KOBIL’s platform. Now there is one central access point to define, which programs and information are made available to specific users.

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