Deutsche Postbank rolls out NCR tech across branch network

Source: NCR Corporation

NCR Corporation (NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, announced today that Deutsche Postbank AG will modernize its retail bank branch network with NCR intelligent deposit ATMs and NCR SelfServ 85 consulting kiosks.

The NCR software and hardware solutions deployed by Postbank will enable customers to make appointments and calculate loans on the NCR kiosks, as well as deposit notes and coins through the convenient new ATMs. The new solutions will be available 24/7 across many Postbank locations, with long term plans to roll out the NCR technology across all 1,100 branches.

The ability for customers to conduct routine tasks and initial research at their own pace, and at any time they wish, will help improve customer experience, while simultaneously freeing bank staff to interact with customers on other complex, high-value banking services.

Deutsche Postbank AG is one of Germany’s largest retail banks, with 14 million customers and 15,000 employees, and annual revenues of 155 billion Euro in 2014. Postbank is focused on consumer and business customers that are served through a network of 1,100 branches, 4,500 partner branches and 900 financial consulting centers. The company prides itself in its customer proximity and has identified personal contact with its customers as a key component of its success. For this reason, Postbank invests continuously in improving customer experience in its branches.

As part of that strategy, Postbank will deploy more than 500 NCR solutions, including NCR SelfServTM 32 and NCR SelfServTM 34 ATMs, as well as NCR SelfServTM 85 kiosks and NCR account service terminals. While the NCR ATMs enable direct cash deposits to current and savings accounts, the SelfServ 85 kiosks offer a number of completely new services to customers, such as information on new offers, topical finance trends, as well as savings and credit account access. The kiosks’ intuitive touch screens enable customers to calculate loan rates directly on site and make appointments with their bank managers. Furthermore, the NCR solutions feature innovative software solutions to improve customer experience and drive operational efficiency.

“Whether it is saving cash given as a birthday present or the daily earnings of a hairdresser, customers can make all kinds of deposits and the money is credited to their accounts on the same day,” said Kai Schlueter, Chief Operating Officer Self-Service and Retail Banking at Postbank. ”The new generation of NCR solutions significantly improve our service provision as it gives customers more flexibility and the freedom to choose which transactions they want to conduct themselves and which they prefer direct assistance with.”

NCR security software protects the SelfServ ATMs against known and unknown malware and fraud attacks. In addition, NCR Skimming Protection Solution (SPS) protects cardholder data from card skimming attacks by detecting and jamming the signal of fraudulent skimming devices, as well as notifying the bank in real-time.

“Consumers want their banking experience to be digital, but also personal,” explained Harald Heinz, Channel Area Leader in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at NCR Financial Services. “Investing in self-service solutions helps Postbank to achieve this, while freeing bank employees to help customers with more complex consulting services. The technology also provides flexible and innovative customer services that are available outside standard office hours.”

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