Onpex certified for GICC processing with FirstData Germany

Source: Onpex

Award-winning Onpex, The Online Payment Exchange, is pleased to announce that they have been certified to process GICC online payment transactions with FirstData.

Founded in 1971, First Data Corporation is a global payment technology solution with a global footprint of 6 million merchants, the largest in the payments industry. The company handles 45% of all US credit and debit transactions and it processes over $1 trillion in card transactions annually.

With this certification in place, ONPEX will now have the approval to process credit card transactions directly on the FirstData acquiring system for e-commerce GICC transactions. ONPEX made the GICC integration through its unique ISO8583 interpreter that allows connecting to any ISO8583 derivatives globally by simple configurations.

Christoph Tutsch, ONPEX CEO and Founder, said: "With this new certification ONPEX will now be able to provide gateway services for merchants and acquirers processing on the FirstData platform. At ONPEX, we are continually improving our offering with new partnerships. And our new relationship will offer excellent opportunities for our partners and clients.

“The direct access this gives us to the FirstData processing platform will give new opportunities for our clients that they, themselves, can pass onto their own partners and clients.”

Paul Guhl, Head of Technology of ONPEX, added: “Although GICC is an old legacy protocol, it is a vital requirement to process card payments in Germany. With ONPEX’ modular ISO8583 interpreter the GICC setup was only a configuration task, proving how easily and flexible the ONPEX payment platform really is when adding new processors and acquires.”

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