Collis EMV terminal test kit meets Visa CCD requirements

Source: Collis

Collis' EMV Terminal Toolkit fully covers the requirements of the EMV Common Core Definitions (CCD) of Visa International.

Collis' implementation of these requirements can be used for end-to-end testing of POS devices and ATMs. With this tool, terminal vendors, processors and acquirers can speed up the introduction of CCDcompliant terminals and host systems.

By April 2006 Visa acquirers are mandated to support CCD, which simplifies the migration towards EMV. CCD standardizes data elements and cryptography over various payment schemes. Collis implemented Visa's CCD and Generic EMV Transport tests in the EMV Terminal Toolkit. The new CCD module can be used to check the CCD compliance of any Visa POS Terminal, ATM as well as Acquiring Host systems.

Visa International now confirms that Collis' CCD module within the EMV Terminal Toolkit is fully capable of testing whether a product is in conformance with the CCD, Generic EMV Transport, expanded third bit map, and Field 55 functionality.

Dirk Jan van den Heuvel, Managing Director of Collis, says: "The Common Core Definitions focus on standardization of EMV data-exchange and cryptography over various payment schemes. To ensure interoperability, thorough testing is required. Collis is happy to support Visa and its members with professional testing tools for testing CCD compliance."

"We're pleased to have Collis join the community of test tool vendors who support CCD," said Jim Lee, Senior Vice President, Visa International. "As we continue migration to EMV chip, test tools that are able to support the new functionalities will help member financial institutions provide their customers will fully-compliant terminals and ATMs in a timely manner."

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