ABN Amro converts all customer cards to contactless

Source: ABN Amro

Starting 15 December 2015, all 5.2 million cardholding clients of ABN AMRO can use their cards for contactless payment.

ABN AMRO has spent recent months accelerating the rollout of new bank cards to replace cards that were not contactless-ready. Karin Kersten, Director Transaction Banking , explains, ‘Compared with other payment methods, contactless payment offers improved speed, security and ease of use. We encourage our commercial clients to use contactless terminals for the same reasons.’
Contactless donations

ABN AMRO has organised a series of contactless payment initiatives to celebrate this milestone. For example, in November three crowdfunding campaigns were held for churches where regional clients could automatically donate a euro via contactless payment. Between 14 and 24 December, visitors to ten railway stations(*) can try out contactless payment during the evening rush hour: by making a contactless payment of one euro for Serious Request, cardholders can experience how fast, secure and easy contactless payment is. The total amount raised through their donations will be announced on 24 December.
Rapid increases

The number of bank cards that can be used for contactless payments in the Netherlands is increasing rapidly. The payment terminals where this is possible are also rising in number, with one in every three terminals now equipped for contactless payment. Combined with the fact that contactless payment tends to become the preferred option after the client’s first experience, this is leading to a rapid increase in the number of contactless payments. National data show that the 100 millionth contactless payment in the Netherlands was made last month.

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A Finextra member
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Congratulations ABN Amro on the mass move to Contactless! It has taken a couple of years for terminals in New Zealand to be updated, but I now use my contactless card almost every day.