Biz2Credit launches SMB financial simulator

Source: Biz2Credit

In an industry first, Biz2Credit, a small business financial technology platform, today launched the BizAnalyzer™ Score Simulator Tool.

This new feature allows small business owners to capture a personalized snapshot of their business health. The Score Simulator acts as a virtual CFO, evaluating how cyclical changes to revenue, cash flow, credit scores and other key metrics affect their creditworthiness in the eyes of lenders. The goal of the Simulator is to help small business owners make better, more strategic financial decisions.

In an industry that typically relies on a 'black box' approach, Biz2Credit provides small businesses with a transparent and personal view directly into their creditworthiness. Many small business owners are not aware of how everyday operational decisions negatively or positively affect their business such as a bounced check or fluctuation of their bank account balance.

"Biz2Credit's mission is to empower small businesses with practical tools to better understand and manage how their operational decisions impact the types of loans available to them," said Rohit Arora, chief executive officer, Biz2Credit. "This virtual CFO resource gives them a complete view of exactly what lenders examine when they underwrite small business loans."

Impact scenarios that a business owner can choose to see how it affects their Score include:

  • Bounced check
  • Fluctuation in monthly bank account balance
  • Fluctuation in withdrawals
  • Existing judgment decisions
  • Default on tax payments
  • Existing tax lien

An example of a Score Simulator change is if a pizza shop wants to see how a 20% increase in revenues will affect his/her financing terms for future products. The pizza shop may have a current BizAnalyzer Score of 56, but with the proposed increase in revenue, it rises to 62. This means that the shop will have options to available to him/her with longer terms, larger amounts, and better rates.

The Score Simulator is the latest iteration of Biz2Credit's proprietary BizAnalyzer Score, which evaluates over 2,000 data points and assigns business owners with a score from 0 – 100 based on personal credit, debt-to-income ratio, time in business, industry risk, corporate risk, revenue, cash flow and repayment history. The purpose of the Score is to show how weak or strong the business is compared to the industry when applying for a loan. 

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