Bloomberg launches first finance enterprise app for iPad Pro

Source: Bloomberg

Bloomberg announced today the availability of the all-new Bloomberg Professional app for iPad Pro.

The Bloomberg Professional is specifically designed for the large 12.9-inch Retina display of iPad Pro, and includes Apple Pencil functionality. It also combines desktop-class CPU performance and powerful new multitasking features to deliver real-time data, comprehensive news, technical graphs, portfolio tracking and Instant Bloomberg (IB) to Bloomberg customers.

Key features of Bloomberg Professional on iPad Pro include:

High resolution graphical enhancements to real-time data streaming, charts and graphs, ticking data, and pricing functionality as well as Bloomberg TV viewing.

Split View capabilities taking multitasking further on iPad by allowing customers to view additional Bloomberg features and apps side-by-side, with the ability interact with content in both.

Support for iOS 9 Picture-in-Picture capabilities allowing customers to continue to work while viewing Bloomberg TV in a moveable, resizeable window that floats over other apps onscreen.

Support for Apple Pencil, delivering new ways to annotate charts, notes and research documents and then share with individuals and teams through the message function MSG<GO>.

“We are seeing a significant increase in mobile adoption among our users year-over-year, and our customers want access to their information – with the same productivity and speed - wherever they are, no matter which device they are using,” said Ben Macdonald, Bloomberg's Global Head of Product.

The Bloomberg Professional iPad app has long been touted as the mobile gateway to full desktop features and functions since launching in 2010. It allows users to receive customized price and news alerts, monitor events and markets, view charts, research securities, send and receive messages, use IB and more. Bloomberg released a major app update in October 2015 for all iPad and iPhone customers.

"Bloomberg has been innovating on mobile for over a decade and it is an important part of our strategy to continue to optimize the experience we bring to our customers," said Philip Miller, Head of Research and Development for Bloomberg Professional Mobile. "It is because of the quality of the work from our team that we have been able to deliver this first of its kind app for iPad Pro."

Bloomberg has been providing business and financial news and information to Apple customers ever since the first iPhone and iPad were released. Currently, Bloomberg provides consumer and enterprise apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV. The all-new Bloomberg Professional app for iPad Pro is available from the App Store.  

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