Payfont raises £1.2 million

Source: Payfont

In the midst of the current cyber-attacks on firms such as “TalkTalk” and many others, “Payfont”, the Scottish Cybersecurity company have raised a further £1.2m from investors taking their funding to £2.8m since their move to commercialisation in July 2014.

The further investment is recognition that Payfont’s personalised authentication and data security technologies bring in a generational change in how identity can be protected and data can be safely secured and stored.

Payfont’s data security technology has been thoroughly architected from the ground up, and validated by leading C

bersecurity experts as state of the art in protecting data that is currently vulnerable to Cyber breach in organisations today.
The fundraising was led by Payfont’s Investor Director, Ian Paterson Brown, who said:

“Companies have a responsibility to protect customer information and data as well as their own company information, and investors recognise Payfont’s systems are ideally placed to meet the market need and they want to be part of that.”

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