Fime test tool selected to support advanced mobile security standards in China

Source: Fime

The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), China’s largest testing laboratory for the telecoms market, has expanded its longstanding relationship with Fime.

CAICT, which is GlobalPlatform-qualified for trusted execution environment (TEE) Initial Configuration testing, has selected FIME’s Global Device test tool to evaluate Chinese TEE products. These will, in turn, be used to support secure services such as mobile and online payments, biometric authentication and premium content protection.

Global Device is qualified by GlobalPlatform to test TEE products to ensure alignment with the association’s functional requirements. GlobalPlatform has defined specifications to standardize the TEE, a secure area of the main processor in a smart phone (or any connected device) that ensures sensitive data is stored, processed and protected in an isolated, trusted environment. The technology offers protection against software attacks, assists in the control of access rights and houses sensitive applications. As such, it is being adopted by handset manufacturers worldwide to assist in the protection of sensitive information relating to mobile services and end users.

“To support Asian chip and handset manufacturers, we needed a GlobalPlatform-qualified tool that is both user-friendly and proven in the marketplace,” comments Pan Juan, Chief Engineer at CAICT. “Due to our strong relationship with FIME we were already aware of the capabilities of its TEE tool and the support services we needed were close at hand through dedicated regional experts in Asia. We look forward to helping the Chinese market adopt the GlobalPlatform TEE Specifications as we move towards an even more secure mobile future.”

In addition to utilizing the Global Device test tool, which is already used in FIME’s specialist testing laboratories worldwide, CAICT will also take advantage of FIME’s technical training and consulting services to understand the intricacies of the TEE testing process.

“More sensitive services are ‘going mobile’ and China, like the rest of the world, is looking for ways to protect the content and data of its service providers and end users,” adds Arnaud Peninon, Vice President Global Laboratories at FIME. “GlobalPlatform’s TEE Specifications are quickly becoming a requirement for handset and chip manufacturers, and tools like Global Device are essential to the worldwide interoperability of the technology. CAICT has selected our qualified and recognized tool to help it promote the standardization of the TEE in China and we look forward to lending our technical and security support services to it and the rest of the Asian market.”

Global Device is used to qualify chipset, mobile device, operating system and system on-chip (SoC) products worldwide. The tool can be used to test any device – for example, smartphones, tablets, set-top-boxes and wearables – which implement a range of TEE, near field communication (NFC) and telecom specifications.

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