FCM360 hardens security against wave of DDoS attacks

Source: FCM360

In the wake of relentless DDoS attacks on foreign exchange (forex) service providers and their networks, FCM360 has fortified its network security to block the current wave of these distributed denial of service attacks.

The attacks are targeting Metatrader4(MT4) among other forex trading platform providers.

To bolster its network, FCM360, a leading managed cloud operations provider, has increased all upstream ISP bandwidth to repel attacks of up to 20 Gigabits per second internally.

Additionally, FCM360 has contracted with the industry’s leading security providers to increase its DDoS prevention capability to over 300 Gigabits per second in New York and London. This increase in security and bandwidth is now able to withstand and mitigate nearly all current DDoS attacks targeting the financial services and e-commerce industry.

As part of the proactive measures to protect its border network from intrusion and bandwidth attacks, FCM360 activated a number of proprietary and industry-leading hardware solutions to replace the less-robust, firewall-only defense perimeter. “The defensive measures include installation of next generation threat protection and DDoS scrubbing devices that block signatures typical of DDoS attacks. This includes, country blocking, volume-based attacks, protocol attacks and application layer attacks,” according to Peter Heales, managing director who is based in London and overseas FCM360 activity in Europe, The Middle East and Asia.

In numerous cases, forex brokers and software platform providers are being held hostage by cyber terrorists hoping to extract ransoms. FCM360 has seen several large attacks emanating from China along with botnet attacks from infected computers in Europe and Asia.

U.S. State Department sources report that China routinely launches DDoS and other cyberattacks to disrupt commerce and markets globally. FCM360 calculates that China has over 100 Gigabits of bandwidth to use in DDoS and other cyber attacks against financial services company networks and companies in other industrial categories including pharmaceuticals.

“Despite the relentlessness of the hackers, the FCM360 network has not gone down during the current DDoS attack wave. The company is continuing to harden its network to protect clients. The forex sector of the financial services industry can no longer ignore cybersecurity in the wake of these kinds of attacks,” emphasized Heales.

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