Wall Street Blockchain Alliance puts together working groups

Source: Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

The Executive Committee of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA) is pleased to announce the launch of its Working Committees, with their respective chairpersons:

• Blockchain & Financial Markets - George Samman
• Research & Innovation - Justin Dombrowski
• Tax & Accounting - Daniel Winters
• Technology and Product - Bob Bonomo

Notes Mr. Ron Quaranta, Chairman of the WSBA: “In alignment with the WSBA mission, our goal is for each Committee to act as an industry leading forum to disseminate WSBA thought leadership in specific, relevant areas that impact the financial markets and the overall economy. Financial markets continue their progression to understand and implement effective solutions using blockchain technology. We are very pleased to have subject matter experts guiding our Working Committees and participating in the industry wide dialogue that will shape the future of financial markets. In addition, our member base is looking forward to learning from the Committees and contributing to their progress now and in the future.”

In the coming weeks, Committee chairpersons will be publishing position papers and other relevant materials to WSBA members, as well as working with industry participants to focus on best practices across multiple market segments.  

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