Mitek develops multi-cheque capture app for small businesses

Source: Mitek

Today, Mitek a leading innovator of mobile capture and identity solutions, announced Mobile Multi-Check Capture for Commercial Mobile Deposit Capture.

This powerful new capability will allow businesses to make batch deposits with a mobile device reducing their need for scanners and eliminating trips to the ATM or the branch.

“Most products currently rely on the consumer mRDC end user workflow of single-item deposits,” said Bob Meara, senior analyst at Celent."Multi-Capture will make mRDC much more usable for small & medium size businesses."

“There are 19 billion checks written annually and businesses receive two-thirds of them. This is motivating businesses to look for mobile tools that allow them to quickly process payments without a trip to the bank, extra hardware or the interchange fees associated with credit cards,” said James B. DeBello, president and CEO, Mitek. “Mobile Multi-Check Capture provides significant value to these businesses and is the greatest innovation since the introduction of Mobile Deposit®.”

Mitek’s Mobile Multi-Check Capture allows authorized employees to process payments anytime, anywhere with innovative features such as:
• Mitek MiSnap™ - touch free capture allows for fully automated batch capture and decreases the number of items that require correction
• Minimal Data Entry - check amounts are automatically captured so there is no need to enter check amounts manually
• Batch Checks Become Single Deposits - checks submitted in a batch are processed as a single deposit to expedite payments for improved cash flow
• Intuitive Review Screen - allows users to edit or delete individual checks in a batch
• Flexible Fields - gives users the ability to tie data to any item for easy reference
• Modern API - allows partners or banks to easily retrieve batches for downstream processes

Mobile Multi-Check Capture will be available in December 2015.

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