Intervoice introduces speech banking system for Bisys clients

Source: Intervoice

Intervoice, Inc. (Nasdaq:INTV), the world leader in converged voice and data solutions, today announced a new turn-key speech-enabled banking application for BISYS clients.

The Omvia Speech Banking solution from Intervoice allows community and regional banks to differentiate their services from other banks by providing a superior self-service experience for their customers.

Within the U.S. banking sector, speech-enabled applications have traditionally only been deployed within very large banks. Regional and community banks are struggling to compete with national bank expansions into local markets. At the same time, new community banks are challenging the incumbents. Community and regional banks are trying to find ways to differentiate their services and retain customers with more personable and convenient self-service options. The Omvia Speech Banking solution from Intervoice gives banking customers access to hands-free banking on their way to work, from their office, or at home without having to work through multiple telephone menus.

By providing real-time account access via speech recognition technology, customers can simply ask the system for information such as, "what's my account balance?" Customers can also perform financial transactions such as, "transfer two hundred dollars from checking to savings." With the new Omvia Speech Banking solution from Intervoice, customers are in control and won't feel limited by traditional telephone menus. In fact, there are 47 unique speech shortcuts and over 200 natural language phrases that callers can say to direct the system.

Omvia Speech Banking Solution from Intervoice features:

  • Over 200 natural language speech recognition options for customers to access account information and perform transactions
  • Complete touch-tone fall back for touch-tone power users
  • Spanish language support (touch-tone)
  • Web-based transaction reports and configuration that make it easy to measure customer usage
  • 24x7 remote monitoring and support

"We believe that our new speech recognition telephone banking system from Intervoice is an important part of our overall strategy to provide high-tech and high-touch services," said Diane Galvin, Senior Vice President at Pentucket Bank.

"Intervoice continues to show their commitment to offering new products that allow our clients to differentiate their eBusiness self-service strategy," said Keith Harrison, Vice President of Product Management for BISYS. "We believe that now is the time for clients to take a serious look at evolving their telephone banking systems into a more customer friendly self-service channel."

"We are very excited that we are now able to offer a turn-key product that allows community and regional banks to take advantage of our best practices experience for developing custom speech banking solutions," said Bob Ritchey, President and CEO of Intervoice. "We have packaged up our best practices experience into a turn-key solution that requires minimal customization work. We believe that this is an important step in the evolutionary process of improving overall customer satisfaction and providing services that build loyal customer relationships," added Ritchey.

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