Ultra Electronics bolsters HSM offering

Source: Ultra Electronics AEP

Ultra Electronics AEP, the provider of trusted security, announces major enhancements to its Ultra Safe KeyperPlus HSM.

The new version 3 firmware, available as an upgrade to existing users, includes a secure remote management capability and support for additional cryptographic algorithms to address wider markets, including emerging BitCoin applications.

KeyperPlus is the world’s most trusted general-purpose HSM, providing the ultimate in security for key generation, key storage and key management across a broad range of application and infrastructure security requirements, including digital identity, public key infrastructure (PKI), domain name system security (DNSSEC), code/document signing, SSL/TLS authentication, database encryption and digital rights management (DRM). It offers a broad range of algorithms, including the latest Suite B and elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) algorithms, in a flexible and simple-to-use appliance with a compact physical footprint, providing Gigabit Ethernet interfaces supporting IPv4 and IPv6.

The new secure remote management capability enables the KeyperPlus HSM to be housed in a remote data centre with operators able to perform essential operations from anywhere in the world. To maintain the level of security that users expect and demand, remote operations employ the same strong, two-factor, “m of n” role-based authentication as used for local operations, verified within the HSM’s security boundary.

The new firmware also adds support for the secp256k1 elliptic curve and RIPEMD-160 hashing algorithm for BitCoin applications, the SEED block cipher algorithm widely used in South Korea and Brainpool elliptic curves that are commonly used as an alternative to NIST curves for e-Passport applications around the world.

Rob Stubbs, Product Director at AEP, commented “The KeyperPlus HSM continues to evolve to address emerging requirements without compromising the level of security it is famous for, helping our clients defend against the growing threats to intellectual property, high-value information assets and corporate reputation”.

KeyperPlus is the latest in a long line of Keyper™ HSMs going back over 15 years that incorporate AEP’s own cryptographic modules validated to FIPS 140-1 and FIPS 140-2 Overall Security Level 4, the highest internationally-recognised cryptographic certification in the industry. It is currently in use with many of the world’s largest technology companies, and is also used by ICANN to secure the root of the global DNS security system for the Internet.

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