Onpex launches Payment Account Management

Source: Onpex

Award-winning Onpex, The Online Payment Exchange, is proud to announce the launch of its new product: Payment Account Management.

ONPEX Payment Account Management allows customers to manage technical transaction information in relation to the real payment streams with any connected payment method. These Payment Accounts offer easy access and a wide selection from payment methods, cash management and fraud prevention solutions.

The Payment Account Management has five key features:
• Virtual Accounts - allowing customers to create and manage customisable individual virtual accounts for their merchants or wallets.
• Collection - Collect payments from all connected payment methods globally in many currencies in one place.
• Settlements - Create settlements through multiple pay-out channels swiftly and safely.
• Reconciliation - Technical transaction information from all payment methods matched to the payment account value on a single transaction level.
• Cash Management - Moving value in real-time between payment accounts from and to connected real bank accounts.

Christoph Tutsch, ONPEX CEO, said: “The ethos of ONPEX is simplicity, transparency and automation and our Payment Account Management achieves this. It is simple to use because it is seamlessly integrated into our portal and APIs. It is transparent because our customers have full control of all its functions and all information is in one place. It is automated because it does all of this without manual effort of our customers."

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