Mozido launches HCE product

Source: Mozido

Mozido, a global provider of trusted digital payments and commerce solutions, today announced the global availability of its new host card emulation (HCE) product, Mozido HCE.

Additionally, Taiwan Mobile Payments Co. (TWMP) has chosen Mozido as provider for its HCE and tokenization services to its consortium of 27 Taiwanese banks and financial institutions. Mozido’s HCE solution will provide a hybrid mobile wallet capability for TWMP that supports both existing consumers using hardware secure element based NFC phones, and consumers using HCE cloud-based NFC phones.

TWMP will be one of the first significant HCE implementations globally, and the first customer to go to market with Mozido HCE. A coalition of 27 banks in Taiwan, TWMP was formed to build a nationwide mobile payments initiative as Taiwan plans to move its population toward a cashless society. Mozido is working with TWMP to launch a hybrid mobile wallet platform that provides both secure element and HCE cloud-based NFC in one solution. Mozido will provide tokenization and de-tokenization services for quick and secure mobile payment transactions for existing consumers already using mobile applications supported by TWMP.

“We chose Mozido because they’re the only company that offers the flexibility and customization we need as a joint venture representing dozens of banks across the nation,” said Wei-Jong Pan, president of Taiwan Mobile Payment Co. “Mozido’s demonstrated strength in mobile wallet platforms and as a Trusted Services Manager, along with its ability to combine payments technologies into existing applications, makes them the best partner for us in our endeavor to bring faster and easier mobile payments to banking consumers.”

Banks, credit card issuers, retailers, and MNOs around the world can improve the relationship with their customers, strengthen their brand, and provide a secure and simple mobile payment experience by adding Mozido’s HCE payment services to their existing mobile apps. In addition, they now have access to Mozido’s full-spectrum of HCE, mobile payment, and mobile marketing technology that plugs into any existing mobile wallet or banking application. Mozido’s solutions enable consumers to pay bills and shop with merchants while receiving personalized offers, earning loyalty points and rewards in a secure, tap-and-pay or click-of-the-button mobile app.

“Mozido HCE is the latest addition to our robust suite of digital payments and commerce solutions,” said Michael Liberty, founder of Mozido. “Mozido already has a strong trusted service manager (TSM) presence, multiple mobile wallet apps deployed in the market, and a full suite of financial inclusion, payment, and engagement solutions. Mozido HCE completes our ability to support any type of payment on any mobile phone in any environment.”

The strengths of the Mozido HCE solution include:

  • Mozido HCE is a flexible, turnkey solution: Mozido’s HCE, Pay, Engage, and Reward solutions are equipped with a flexible SDK that can be implemented right out of the box and tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.
  • Mozido HCE clients maintain control over branding and customer experience: Mozido’s HCE technology and white-labeled mobile wallet allow banks to deploy new mobile technology branded to their business, providing the latest technology to enhance customer relationships, provide outstanding security, and surpass customer experience expectations.
  • Mozido HCE works with existing mobile applications: Mozido HCE enables existing consumer applications, such as mobile banking, to quickly support NFC and HCE transactions while leveraging the existing investment, security, and install base.
  • Mozido is a proven NFC provider: With successful deployments in North America and Asia, Mozido is a dominant provider in the telecom NFC space with many of the top MNOs around the world as TSM service clients.
  • Mozido HCE supports both secure-element and cloud-based NFC: Banks can transition to both NFC and HCE if they have an existing NFC solution in market, creating a hybrid wallet that allows TSMs and HCE to work together.
  • Mozido HCE can be modified to adapt to local environment: Mozido HCE is very flexible, accommodating local components of each implementation. 

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