Nautilus Hyosung responds to Diebold patent infringement claims

Source: Nautilus Hyosung

Nautilus Hyosung Korea and Nautilus Hyosung America, (together Nautilus Hyosung), issue this press release in response to yesterday's announcement by Diebold Incorporated of its patent assertion actions against Nautilus Hyosung in both U.S. district court and the International Trade Commission.

While Nautilus Hyosung would have welcomed a dialog in advance of these unprovoked aggressive actions by Diebold, Nautilus Hyosung will respond to Diebold appropriately considering all options available. In the interim, Nautilus Hyosung reasserts its commitment to innovation and excellence in the ATM (automated teller machine) and branch automation market. Nautilus Hyosung has been developing the highest quality products using Nautilus Hyosung proprietary technology to serve our customers in the financial industry, and we are committed to the next generation of ATM technology.

Moving forward, Nautilus Hyosung is fully prepared to respond to Diebold's aggressive advance. As we prepare an appropriate response against Diebold's asserted patents, and assess potential counter-claims based on Nautilus Hyosung's own proprietary technology, Nautilus Hyosung will not allow these actions by Diebold to distract us from our true goals - the commitment to provide superior products and excellent service to the financial institutions and independent ATM deployers we proudly serve.

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