Cachet Financial Services introduces I [Heart] ACH

Source: Cachet Financial Services

Cachet Financial Services announces the introduction of I [Heart] ACH, their revolutionary and patent pending service intended as a simplified ACH solution.

The company continues to expand their solutions and services to strengthen their overall product line and to advance ACH payment services.

The I [Heart] ACH product features discounted processing fees, transactional account reconciliation not typically offered by banks, and no NSF reserve requirement. Target businesses include payroll providers who process a large majority of expedited settlement transactions who simply want to save money on their ACH processing.

The industry is proceeding towards ‘Same Day ACH’ in an effort to move payments faster according to NACHA (The Electronic Payments Association) with the newly adopted rule taking place in late 2016. “Cachet Financial Services is confident we are paving the way for the new ruling with the introduction of I [Heart] ACH to support our clients and the industry as a whole,” states company Vice President of Sales, Brandi Utria.

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