PayPoint launches mobile SDK

Source: PayPoint

PayPoint, an international leader in payment technologies, today announces the availability of its new mobile software development kit (SDK).

Mobile SDK has been designed so that merchants with mobile apps can handle payments securely, without compromising the customer experience. With the SDK, merchants can ensure payments are made quickly and easily on any device, anywhere, even where mobile signal is intermittent.

In the event of the internet signal dropping during payment, the SDK tracks the status of the transaction until the connection is re-established and advises the device if the payment was successful or if it is safe to retry. This also avoids the inconvenience of duplicate payments and reduces the administrative cost of dealing with them.

PayPoint also addresses one of the biggest reasons for payment abandonment on mobile devices; 3D Secure. The SDK is optimised to seamlessly detect risk-based authentication (RBA) and provide a streamlined but secure customer journey while retaining a native checkout experience. As a result, merchants benefit from the reduced costs and protection from fraudulent payments and chargebacks that 3D Secure provides without impairing conversion rates.

Announced earlier this year - and exclusively offered with PayPoint’s Advanced Payments platform - the Mobile SDK can be easily integrated into a merchant’s payment platform using PayPoint’s iOS and Android libraries. There’s no need for developers to have extensive payment processing knowledge or to have to grapple with an API.

“We’re dedicated to helping merchants process online payments in a way that means they are able to provide customers with the best experience possible, so abandonment rates are minimised, and fraud protection and security remain paramount,” said Rob Fernandes, Product and Strategy Director, PayPoint Mobile and Online. “With 35% of all purchases being made on a mobile device, the marketplace is becoming increasingly reliant on mobile payments. It’s therefore imperative that merchants aren’t losing customers through a cumbersome user experience or duplicate payments aren’t being taken when the signal drops.”

“For over a decade, PayPoint has been delivering rich, value-added products and features to our merchants. We feel a large number of our payments competitors have been incredibly complacent about products - but we understand the issues that are keeping merchants awake at night and take pride in creating solutions that actually help them to run their business as successfully as possible.”

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