Spotex FX ECN deploys Azul Zing

Source: Azul Systems

Azul Systems (Azul), the award-winning leader in Java runtime solutions, today announced that Spotex, an innovative Foreign Exchange (FX) Electronic Communication Network (ECN) focused on improving FX trading for both buy and sell-side participants, has deployed Zing® within its trading infrastructure.

Zing is Azul’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM) designed for Java-based applications and systems that require consistent low latency and high scalability. Since Zing has been integrated into Spotex’s infrastructure, Garbage Collection (GC) and other JVM-related pauses have been eradicated.

The Spotex ECN leverages automated trade reconciliation and smart matching routing to create a fair trading environment benefiting FX and metal commodities traders including banks, hedge funds, proprietary firms, asset managers and retail brokers. Prior to using Zing, Spotex was measuring GC and other latencies of 30-50 milliseconds every 10 minutes. By simply replacing the legacy JVM with Zing, Spotex completely eliminated these problematic latency outliers and improved trade execution.

Azul Zing is a unique JVM that provides consistent low-latency with high throughput, supports large in-memory datasets without performance penalties, and solves the Java “warm-up” problem. Zing eliminates the operational interruptions and response time outliers often experienced by Java-based trading, risk and compliance applications in the financial services market. Azul’s ReadyNow!® technology solves Java’s warm-up problem by allowing applications to start fast at the opening bell and stay fast even as market conditions change during the day.

Ritesh Agrawal, CEO of Spotex, said: “At Spotex, we have developed a leading edge technology that is fair, efficient and provides the highest level of integrity. Working with Azul Systems has enabled us to deliver a robust and reliable solution for our clients.”

Scott Sellers, CEO and President of Azul Systems, said: “Spotex’s decision to run its ECN on Zing highlights why it is so important to use the right JVM for Java applications that require low latency and scalability. Trading is an ultra-competitive market, so using a technology like Zing, which removes the shortcomings of Java such as inconsistent response times and application jitter, quickly and easily gives emerging providers like Spotex a unique advantage.” 

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