Thomson Reuters broadens DataScope coverage

Source: Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters today announced that it has added new data on its DataScope Select platform to support significant shareholder and beneficial ownership disclosures required by securities regulators worldwide.

Asset managers are obligated to monitor and disclose holdings in sensitive industries and when they exceed a percentage threshold of the outstanding capital of a company. Thomson Reuters new content, added to its flagship reference data product, provides granular data on shares and voting rights outstanding for individual companies, which is collected from 150 different sources across nearly 100 countries.

“Global asset managers face complex investment compliance rules across different regulatory regimes and are filing an increasing number of disclosures,” said Tim Lind, global head of Financial Regulatory Solutions at Thomson Reuters. “Investors need granular and more precise data to calculate and monitor a firm’s threshold of ownership of a given issuer, long or short, on a daily basis. We provide the critical information that assists asset managers to meet this challenge,” he added.

National securities regulations like the SEC’s Rule 13D and the amended Transparency Directive in Europe (Directive 2013/50/EU) require disclosures of beneficial ownership when thresholds are exceeded. As a result, the investment compliance function must closely monitor daily transactions and holdings in certain types of instruments, including other asset classes that could be converted into an equity position. Not only is the process challenging for every global investor, but national regulators are also becoming increasingly aggressive with enforcement and have little tolerance for errors.

Thomson Reuters DataScope platform includes granular and timely shares and voting rights content at the instrument and issuer level in the different varieties of share types that regulators demand (e.g. listed, Treasury, outstanding, issued, etc.) This also includes related reference data to assist and flexible delivery through the Datascope Select platform. The addition of this content further demonstrates Thomson Reuters commitment to support its clients as they meet new regulatory compliance challenges.

Thomson Reuters DataScope Select is the strategic data delivery platform for non-streaming pricing and reference content globally. The platform is a full cross-asset offering with intelligently linked data for all Thomson Reuters DataScope content including Reference Data, Corporate Actions, Legal Entity Data, end-of-day/intra-day pricing and Evaluated Pricing Services. With each new release of Thomson Reuters DataScope, Thomson Reuters includes new functionality and content enhancements to address the ever-evolving data challenges that our customers face. Thomson Reuters DataScope Select continues to adapt to today’s content and delivery requirements as they evolve in the marketplace. The platform is built on the cornerstones of best-in-class coverage, reliability, performance and customer convenience.

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