Saxo Bank automates cash management with SunGard

Source: SunGard

SunGard, one of the world’s leading financial software companies, today announced that Saxo Bank has selected IntelliMatch Cash and Liquidity Monitor to automate intraday liquidity monitoring for external accounts, reporting and forecasting processes.

The solution will help the bank to achieve greater visibility over intraday liquidity, improve cash management and reduce counterparty, trading and settlement risk.

“We aim to provide our clients with the competitive edge needed to stay ahead in today’s ever-changing, global market. IntelliMatch Cash and Liquidity Monitor will help the bank minimize the impact of currency and liquidity fluctuations while helping us achieve our strategic growth objectives for our institutional client business.” - Thomas Otendal, Group Treasurer, Saxo Bank A/S.

“Financial services organizations rely on SunGard solutions to help them deliver better products, improve operational efficiency, manage risk and enable compliance with the latest regulations. IntelliMatch Cash and Liquidity Monitor provides centralized automation for the calculation, analysis and monitoring of intraday liquidity positions for enhanced cash management.” Jennifer Hanes, chief operating officer, SunGard’s reconciliation business.

Saxo Bank researched cash and liquidity monitoring solutions at Sibos 2014 in Boston, prior to conducting a detailed vendor evaluation and, ultimately, selecting IntelliMatch Cash and Liquidity Monitor. The solution will automate manual cash and liquidity monitoring processes and provide an aggregated end of day view of the value of collateral held externally by the bank. IntelliMatch Cash and Liquidity Monitor dynamically calculates real-time balances throughout the day. It will help the bank capitalize on opportunities created by cash surpluses, minimize penalties where there are shortfalls and optimize the distribution of funds for higher returns.

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