PriNum, and VTB bank Georgia launch NFC-based mobile payments service

Source: PriNum

Digital issuance and open wallet platform provider, PriNum, and VTB bank Georgia have launched the first NFC mobile payments bank application in Georgia and CIS countries.

The application, Mobile Pay, is the new mobile application for NFC-enabled Android devices. Mobile Pay will allow bank clients to make contactless payments at NFC capable POS terminals.

VTB Georgia Mobile Pay application is based on the PrimeKitTM platform - a multicredential end-to-end cloud-based software solution that enables secure contactless mobile services: payments, loyalty, and tickets. It is token-ready, supports mobile wallet application services and complies with Visa and MasterCard requirements for cloud-based payments.

“We have launched the project with VTB Georgia and VISA in an astoundingly short period of time. It has taken us less than 3 months from the day we have signed the contract to an official start on October 9th. Remarkably, none of our developers has actually visited Georgia for installation and testing – all the works have been done remotely from Kyiv, Ukraine,” said PriNum’s founder Eugene Zimin.

Mobile Pay has the following features:
• Contactless payment using a mobile phone at Visa payWave terminals
• Three safety levels that exclude possibility of fraudulent payments
• Unlimited number of cards can be uploaded

Innovative technology is a brilliant tool that aids in creation of unparalleled customer experiences that help banks to stand out from the crowded marketplace and drive profitability. At the center of our vision is the Mobile Pay app that will disrupt the CIS banking landscape by providing a highly personalized digital banking solution, championing a new era of mobile services that transform VTB Georgia into a unique and rewarding experience for a new type of customer.

With an aid of the PrimeKit™ platform the bank is to reinvent itself around the customer. Essentially PriNum’s platform is a range of technical tools for creating token management system: generation, storage, delivery and use of customer’s digital assets.

From an end-user perspective the platform is a transaction enablement tool and a gateway for service providers to offer customers real-time information, personalized and immediately relevant offers, messages and information.

From the bank perspective the platform is a mobile medium to engage with consumers and ensure access to services, including, but not limited to digital asset management (generation, delivery, storage, filing, elimination of an asset) and realtime analysis of contextual information.

“We are planning on extending the solution with our VTB Georgia partners to include loyalty cards to the Mobile Pay and essentially launch the first all-encompassing one-tap payment application in the CIS countries,” commented Mr. Zimin.

“At PriNum we believe that the future is 100% mobile and 100% digital and we are looking forward to the new launches in other CIS countries this year,” Mr. Zimin added.

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