ICMA maps fixed income trading platforms in Europe

Source: ICMA

The International Capital Market Association (ICMA) has launched a comparative mapping study of electronic fixed income platforms in Europe.

The ICMA Electronic Platform Mapping Study compares the key features and capabilities of 22 electronic trading platforms (ETPs) and information networks that are currently available for trading fixed income in Europe.

The landscape of bond trading is changing. Driven by regulatory developments and the search for liquidity, trading is increasingly moving to a variety of different electronic trading platforms. ICMA has undertaken a mapping initiative of trading platforms for European fixed income markets, listing their features and capabilities in a standard format allowing market participants to compare and contrast ETP providers and to determine which platforms best suit their investment and/or trading strategies.

The ICMA Electronic Platform Mapping Study is available to download from the ICMA website.

As the market continues to evolve the study will be updated.

This is an initiative of the ICMA Cash Bond Electronic Trading Working Group.

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