Kiev Metro goes contactless

Source: Ingenico

Today, Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 - ING), the global leader in seamless payment, announces the successful launch of contactless card payments in 17 Kiev metro central stations, combining Ingenico Group iUC180B smart terminal with Oschadbank’s acquiring services, in partnership with MasterCard.

The entire Kiev metropolitan network will be equipped with the secure contactless card acceptance solution soon.

Today’s key challenge for public transportation companies is to bring convenience and innovative services to the millions of passengers they serve. They must use advanced technologies and combine speed, security, and modern payment systems such as contactless payment. Oschadbank, Ingenico Group and MasterCard together will empower the Kiev Metro to answer the need for seamless access to transportation. The implemented solution allows travelers to access the metro by tapping their MasterCard® contactless card at the turnstile.

"We are very pleased to have teamed up with Oschadbank, MasterCard and our partner BKC (Bancomzvjazok) and to launch contactless payment at metro turnstiles in Kiev. This alliance demonstrates our ability to provide far-reaching payment solutions to new segments like public transportation. We are helping the Kiev Metro to ease access to its network, and bringing the traveling experience to the next level,” commented Luciano Cavazzana, Eastern Europe and Africa Managing Director, Ingenico Group.

"I am delighted that our joint efforts have made it possible to implement this unique and innovative project. JSC “Oschadbank” will handle contactless payments for the Kyiv Metro. It’s convenient, reliable and safe. Residents of Kyiv and visitors to the city will be able to check it already today. Thanks to this innovation, Kyiv has moved ahead of most world capitals. In the future, JSC “Oschadbank” will continue to support projects designed to provide comfort and convenience to people,” said Andrei Pyshnyi, Chairman of JSC “Oschadbank”.

"Modern realities require the development of new solutions, and we want the Kyiv Metro to take the lead in their implementation. Today's innovation is a significant step forward in introducing substantial changes in metro payment methods. Future plans are to enable recharging of metro pass cards using a payment card and possibility for remote top-ups to recharge accounts via Internet,” explained Victor Braginskiy, Head of the Kyiv Metro.

"MasterCard contactless payment technology is ideal for those places where service speed is especially important. Millions of people in Kyiv take the metro each day, and the possibility of using their MasterCard contactless cards for metro rides will make their trips faster and more comfortable. Implementing contactless payments will also help both the Kyiv Metro and the Kyiv Municipal State Administration to optimize operating costs and to create a fare payment system integrating different modes of transport in the future. We are happy to have partners who are willing to adopt such innovative solution,” stated Vira Platonova, Country Manager of the MasterCard Europe representative office in Ukraine and Moldova.

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