Cloud Lending Solutions raises $8 million funding round

Source: Cloud Lending Solutions

Cloud Lending Solutions began with a simple discovery. Legacy financial technology is not suitable for next-generation lending businesses, which are data-driven and demand simplicity, reduced friction, and transparency.

From the outset, our mission has been to democratize access to cutting edge, next-gen financial technology and deliver it to small as well as large financial institutions in order to provide them equal opportunity to be FinTech innovators.

Fast-forward three years. $8 million in Series-A funding is a wonderful validation we’re on the right track. Lending businesses around the world want to adopt cloud technology to bring innovations to market quickly and deliver a simplified borrower experience. Cloud Lending offers the right service at the right time.

Today, Cloud Lending serves customers in more than 20 countries. New age FinTech companies and traditional lenders use our technology to safely and confidently offer lending services that lower costs, generate revenue, and outperform competitors. As the online lending phenomenon takes up a bigger and bigger slice of the $800 billion lending pie, Cloud Lending is taking a big bite.

Alternative finance has gained traction by making access to financing easier and cheaper for borrowers, and more transparent and lucrative for investors. Our Series A investors see the potential of a burgeoning market—and a company that is well positioned to take advantage of it. From marketplace lending to online lending for both businesses and consumers, Cloud Lending is delivering solutions on several fronts:

CL Originate enables real-time loan origination, decisioning, and underwriting
CL Loan handles loan servicing and collection
CL Marketplace delivers marketplace lending with loan fractionalization
CL Lease enables leasing companies to move to the cloud
CL Exchange matches borrowers with lenders more efficiently than ever before

We created these solutions to get in front of a rising wave: Consumer and business lending is quickly transitioning to non-bank lenders. Gone are the days of yearlong development projects and massive cost overruns just to bring new lending businesses to fruition. In today’s fast-moving alternative finance markets, few companies have the patience for drawn out development cycles. That’s why they are looking to the cloud.

Dealstruck got into the alternative lending industry because they saw a simple problem: small businesses weren’t able to get quick, fair, and transparent financing opportunities. Dealstruck set out to fix this problem, but they needed a technology partner to turn their vision into reality. Cloud Lending helped Dealstruck get its solutions to market quickly.

Creating back-office processes such as origination, underwriting, funding, and servicing used to be a complex and expensive undertaking, but customers like Dealstruck typically get online with custom lending solutions in less than 90 days. That means these marketplace lenders can start generating revenue almost immediately, using agile SaaS solutions that are quick to implement and easy to change.

This financing round was led by SF Capital Group, with additional investments from Cota Capital and Long Light Capital, along with current seed investors Green Visor and Epic Ventures. Neil Wolfson, president of SF Capital Group, believes the scale, scope, and growth of the alternative lending market wouldn’t be possible without this type of forward-looking solution. In his view, the SaaS lending market is fundamentally changing lending institutions of all sizes. “As Cloud Lending continues to expand and bring unique solutions to market, more and more organizations will opt for next-generation technology and leave legacy systems behind,” he said.

Wolfson, who is taking a seat on our board, invited alternative lenders everywhere to “step into the future of finance.” We’re thrilled that he is lending his business acumen to the cause.

As we all step forward into the future, I want to assure lenders of all types that we will continue to develop solutions that meet the unique needs of this rapidly evolving marketplace. We’ll use this funding to expand into new markets, including commercial real estate, banking and SMB lending—trillion dollar industries that are ripe for disruption.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to one of our customers. “Cloud Lending helped us provide the solution we needed to empower entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground quickly,” said Dealstruck CEO Ethan Senturia. “As both our companies continue to grow and expand in the alternative financing market, we’re excited to see what features they bring to their outstanding suite of applications.”

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