JetPay launches in the UK

Source: JetPay

JetPay Solutions is now fully operational in the UK - and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. JetPay has been prevalent in global credit card processing - especially in the Card-Not-Present market and eCommerce for over 25 years in the US.

Now UK Merchants can benefit from the solid expertise CEO Trent Voigt brings to the UK as one of the industry’s most prolific experts: “I’m happy to be leading a great team in the UK for processing payments. I have lead great teams in the U.S. and grown JetPay LLC a Us processor to a top 10 processor and listed on the NASDAQ (JTPY), and I expect to have equal success in the UK with this team. Right out of the gate this team has passed all the requirements to become approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for an EMI license and with that I expect JetPay Solutions to be a dominant player in the payments industry quickly throughout the UK and EU.”

JetPay Solutions' unique XML based payment technology stack offers speed, security and flexibility for clients, especially for large CNP and MOTO merchants. As an early pioneer of the XML based approach JetPay now leads the way in the industry covering all currencies on ONE very extensible platform.

As well as being rubber stamped by the FCA to operate independently of the acquiring banks, through JetPay Solutions Co-founder, Reg Mills CA, the business has close ties with European Banks to extend the global reach.

Financial Director Reg Mills added: “It is very satisfying to have been granted a full FCA and EMI licence after many years of steady development work here in the UK and Europe safe with the knowledge & expertise of our in-house development group and the full technical backing and support of the JetPay LLC team and platform. Over the years we have we have worked with our acquirers who have supported us. Now, with our own licence we have the ability to either use our acquiring network or underwrite risk in-house ourselves. This really gives our growing list of UK and European customers the added benefit of more choice and increases our ability to place business through the most appropriate channel.”

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