Bank of Ireland sponsors fintech hackathon

Source: Idea Starter

Trinity Entrepreneurial Society (TES) & Idea Starter are hosting a 3 day weekend event in Dublin city center.

Sponsored mainly by Bank of Ireland, Qualtrics, WeSavvy & the Dublin Commissioner For Startups, the event is focusing on innovation in FinTech during the Startup Gathering happening this October.

The event will be kicking off on the 2nd of October at 5:30pm in Qualtrics’ Dublin HQ, 1 Clarendon Row, Dublin 2. During the event the attendees will form their own groups around innovative FinTech ideas which they will bring to the ‘next level’ within 52 hours. Developing the idea, designing a prototype, finding potential customers, partners and validating their idea with potential users in the streets of Dublin city centre. The weekend will be action packed with various industry expert mentors arriving to advise the teams, workshops, designing & developing a Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

The event is one of the first of it’s kind in Ireland as Idea Starter aims to attract many new faces to the startup scene by focusing on verticals, bringing together not only startups & entrepreneurs but also focusing on the students and corporate employees.

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