OFG Oriental Bank launches mortgage loan application app

Source: OFG Bancorp

OFG Bancorp (OFG) today announced that its Oriental Bank subsidiary has taken another step in maintaining its innovative edge in consumer banking with the launch of the My Status mobile app.

MyStatus updates home buyers on every step of their mortgage loan application from origination through closing, offering complete transparency throughout the entire process. Customers can check their status, receive timely communications, view pending documents, and send/receive e-mails/texts in English or Spanish. Once the loan is approved, customers receive details of the closing appointment which can be put in their calendars with location links to Google Maps. See the MyStatus video in Spanish here.

Oriental leads Puerto Rico in offering such a service, continuing its reputation for pioneering advances, such as FOTOdepósito, People Pay, and Cuenta Libre (Freedom Account), for customers who want to access their accounts via mobile phone, tablet, web, debit / credit card, or ATMs, and avoid ATM fees.

“This is a perfect example of what we mean at Oriental when we say ‘vive la diferencia’,” said José Rafael Fernández, President and CEO of Oriental and OFG Bancorp. “We pride ourselves on making banking convenient and easy, anytime and anywhere.”

Over the last year, Oriental has significantly reduced the time from originating to closing a mortgage to approximately 37 days—far lower than actual timeframes seen in the local market.

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