ShopKeep to give purchasing power to MasterCard Easy Savings members

Source: ShopKeep

ShopKeep, the cloud-based technology and business management solution used by more than 20,000 independent merchants, today announced its collaboration with MasterCard and the MasterCard Easy Savings program.

Small businesses participating in the program will now be eligible to receive a 20 percent rebate on all POS hardware purchases from, including printers, cash drawers and other equipment.

In addition, MasterCard Easy Savings members who sign-up for ShopKeep will receive a free Apple PayM and EMV compatible card reader. This offer is a part of ShopKeep’s ongoing efforts to help more small businesses upgrade their payment processing equipment to EMV / chip card before the October 1, 2015 liability shift, the date when the entity – be it issuing bank or merchant – with the least secure equipment will be held responsible for any resulting fraud.

“We're excited to work with MasterCard and it couldn’t have come at a better time,” stated Norm Merritt, CEO of ShopKeep. “We know that the power of our solutions combined with the broad reach of MasterCard will help achieve our mission of empowering small businesses to take back Main Street. As the U.S. transitions to EMV technology, our participation in this program will help more independent merchants in America ensure they have the appropriate technology in place to run smarter, more sustainable businesses.”

MasterCard Easy Saving is an automatic rebate program that enables participating merchants to provide savings to eligible MasterCard small business members.

“The program was built to provide additional value to our small business cardholders, helping them save on every day purchases,” said Jay Singer, senior vice president, North America commercial products for MasterCard. “With ShopKeep on board, small businesses will have access to more technical solutions that can help save time and money and potentially improve their bottom lines.”

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