TransferGo expands to Australian and South Africa

Source: TransferGo

Since the summer seems to have left us without any heads up, we’re glad to announce that TransferGo is spreading its wings to the south! Why do we mean by that? Well, we’re actually following the summer to the south side of the equator and opening new transfer destinations to Australia and South Africa.

Despite these hot and far away spots are very happy to announce that TransferGo stays as classy/trustworthy as always offering only 99p per transfer, guaranteed destination amounts and unbeatable next business day delivery.

If you don’t know much about TransferGo, it’s about time to change that. TransferGo is a London-based (Level39) fintech startup founded by migrant entrepreneurs, which has transformed lives of tens of thousands migrants in the UK to date and counting. In only two years TransferGo has grown their customer base by 24% month-on-month, processing around 15,000 transactions per month, thus showing one of the fastest early stage growth trajectories in the sector. As a result, TransferGo quickly became the leading international money transfer service firstly for the CEE migrants, enabling them to make transfers across 36 countries within Europe and the US with same-day settlement for only 99p.

We’ve earned migrant trust by transforming their lives for good. By providing frictionless and accessible money movement TransferGo has had a truly transformative impact on both senders and receivers’ lives. The average transaction from the UK is equivalent to 20% of a monthly salary in the recipient country, which, alongside with same day buying power, has life-changing implications for the recipient families dependent on the inflow. We’re proud to play an important part in this transformative change.

Opening these new hot destinations, creates many opportunities for even more people to save their money and time on such a routine tasks such as money transfers. TransferGo is happy to be here for you, saving up to 90% of costs and 99% of your time to send money abroad. It doesn’t matter if it’s only 2.000 km to Poland or 15.000 to Australia or South Africa, TransferGo is the most convenient way to send your money home for just 99p with next business day delivery guarantee. Let’s catch the summer together!  

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