Moneris completes EMV certification of Verifone devices

Source: Moneris

Moneris Solutions Corporation (“Moneris”), one of North America’s leading credit and debit card processors, announced today it has completed EMV certification of Verifone’s line of unattended payment devices.

With this certification, merchants can now adopt a secure unattended payment solution that can be deployed quickly and easily to ensure they are ready for EMV and NFC payment acceptance.

Verifone’s UX Solutions are a series of customizable and versatile unattended payment devices for use in all types of self-service environments. They provide businesses with fully integrated payment functionality that connects their retail systems to the Moneris payment host. Verifone’s UX Solutions can support EMV and contactless* payments (including NFC-enabled cards, Apple Pay and others), giving merchants in the unattended payment space the ability to securely accept payments and enhance the customer experience now and in the future.

“We are pleased to be working with Verifone to bring EMV-certified unattended payment solutions to the U.S. market,” said Chris Lee, President of North American Strategic Partnerships at Moneris. “Verifone is a key contributor to making an easy transition to EMV and contactless-ready solutions, providing the essential payment and commerce technology for businesses to take advantage of. Together we are delivering a leading-edge product that will make payments easier and more convenient for businesses and their customers in this growing environment.”

Effective October 2015, payment networks are shifting the liability for certain fraudulent non-EMV transactions from card issuers to payment acceptors. As one of the only North American processors with authorization to self-certify EMV solutions on behalf of Visa, MasterCard and American Express, Moneris is prepared to help businesses with unattended payment requirements make the transition to EMV quickly and effortlessly with Verifone’s UX Solutions.

“At Verifone, we are focused on educating and helping merchants to efficiently prepare for the EMV migration in ways that not only enable them to support EMV, but also enhance security, reduce complexity and grow their business,” said Shan Ethridge, vice president and general manager, North America Financial Services Group, Verifone. “Working with Moneris helps us to deliver flexible solutions that are essential for helping merchants to easily transition to EMV in such a way, while also better protecting their customers’ card data through a multi-layered approach to security.”

Moneris is committed to aligning businesses with payment tools that meet EMV specification requirements. As part of this, Moneris has been working closely with leading independent software vendors (ISVs) and integrators in Canada that specialize in implementing unattended payment solutions for various markets. With this U.S. EMV certification, Moneris plans to continue working with these businesses to expand their EMV-capable options in the U.S. These companies include:

  • Parking – Cale Systems, HUB Parking Technology, iPark Solutions, Parking BOXX, T.I.B.A. Parking Systems, Ventek International, and WPS Parking Solutions
  • Gas – Vertex Petroleum
  • Vending – Signifi Solutions
  • Car Wash – PDQ Manufacturing

An industry leader of EMV and payments integration, Moneris has built a strong foundation of EMV enabled solutions that merchants can rely on. In working with these ISVs, Moneris is providing comprehensive payment solutions that can meet the needs of any business and simplifies the payments implementation process. 

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