Bitreserve extends currencies

Source: Bitreserve

Bitreserve, the leading cloud money platform, today launches four new European currencies.

Bitreserve members can now hold, exchange and send money in 20 global currencies and four precious metals instantly and for free.

Introducing Danish Krone (DKK), Norwegian Krone (NOK), Swedish Krona (SEK) and Polish Zloty (PLN), consumers and businesses using Bitreserve can now hold, exchange and send these currencies, along with the 16 currencies already available (BTC, USD, GBP, EUR, CNY, JPY, CHF, INR, MXN, AUD, CAD, HKD, ILS, KES, NZD, SGD) for free.

Following the launch of the company’s open API and developer communityBitreserve Connect in June 2015, the new currencies were added at the request of members and partners looking to build solutions to facilitate transactions in these currencies. The company has now transacted more than $220M since its public launch 10 months ago and continues to expand into new markets to meet demand.

“Bitreserve’s cloud money platform uniquely offers the tools for businesses to develop an expansive range of solutions applicable to nearly any financial service need," said JP Theriot, Bitreserve’s Head of The Reserve and Investor Relations. Every new currency we provide enables a new market to participate and innovate into the digital economy."

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