CCV to introduce NCR Authentic payments hub

Source: NCR Corporation

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, announced today that European payments provider CCV is using Authentic, an intelligent payments platform from Alaric, an NCR business.

CCV plans to implement Authentic across Europe to support a new state-of-the-art payments processing solution it has developed for its customers, due to go live in December 2015. With the ability to access two synchronized, active processing systems, the payments platform aims to have zero down-time, thereby improving quality of payments services for its 200,000 retail customers across many European countries.

Authentic software is a generalized payment platform that can be used as a consumer payment services hub, payment gateway or device driving application, in addition to conventional card-related switching and authorization. Authentic was chosen by CCV as it provides a flexible payments processing platform on which CCV staff can develop their specific solution.

CCV is a payments provider that, with annual turnover of €130million, is active in many countries across Europe, inlcuding Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary and France. CCV processes millions of payments daily for over 200,000 retailers across the region. This includes small and large businesses, from international chains to independent stores, in markets that include hotels, restaurants, public transport, parking and vending.

“E-commerce and m-commerce are growing rapidly throughout Europe as consumer behaviour is changing. In addition, the current separation between in-store and online shopping is disappearing as we evolve towards an integrated physical and virtual brand experience,” said Enny van de Velden, Group Managing Director at CCV. ”As these trends converge, the consumer of today is heading for an omni-channel shopping experience. To help enable this our retail customers require a zero down-time payment solution. NCR’s Authentic platform proved the most flexible development environment in which we could create this payment solution.”

Authentic software is used by customers around the world, including some of the world’s largest financial institutions, processors and a global card scheme. It is proven to be highly scalable and robust, achieving in excess of ten thousand transactions per second in performance tests.

“European retail businesses, both large and small, depend on reliable payment services to support their omni-channel shopping strategies,” said Maarten Bais, Director Financial Services, Northern Europe at NCR. “CCV recognised that, to achieve this, a payment solution must incorporate redundancy and have an active secondary system in case of any problems. Authentic has enabled CCV to develop such a solution for retail customers across Europe by providing a highly flexbile development environment for the CCV team.”

Authentic is a high-performance EFT authorization and routing system, which can handle transactions from all channels across the enterprise from ATM and POS to ecommerce and mobile. Unlike other traditional payments processing solutions, Authentic enables change. It has been designed from the very first release to deliver unrivalled flexibility, with message mapping, processing workflow and business logic – all user configurable. Authentic software enables clients to have total strategic control of their system, and to perform or maintain their own customizations.

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