Fair Isaac adds Targusinfo and Qsent ID validation data to Falcon ID

Source: Fair Isaac

Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC), the leading provider of analytics and decision technology, today announced it has added two major providers of identity-validating data to its Identity Clearinghouse to offer financial institutions, telecommunications service providers, other credit grantors and their customers stronger protection from identity fraud.

Prominent data service providers TARGUSinfo and Qsent have agreed to provide information for use by Fair Isaac's Falcon ID solution, the industry's most comprehensive identity fraud protection solution. Powered by multiple sources of data, sophisticated data analysis, advanced neural network and other statistical modeling technologies, as well as a comprehensive authentication interview process, Falcon ID enables organizations to quickly detect and efficiently resolve identity fraud attempts during account originations and throughout the lifecycle of the account. Access to a wide range of identity information from these data partners enhances the detection power of the Falcon ID system and helps institutions validate the identity of a valued customer or prospect at the earliest possible stage.

"Fair Isaac's fraud and identity theft detection solutions are known worldwide for their effectiveness in helping institutions cut fraud losses and protect their customers from fraudulent transactions," said Ted Crooks, vice president of Global Fraud Solutions at Fair Isaac. "By partnering with trusted and reliable data partners like TARGUSinfo and Qsent, we can ensure that our analytic models and authentication processes tap into the industry's best and broadest data sources. This will enable our clients to be one step ahead of the fraudster in today's fast-evolving identity fraud schemes."

"Every second of every day, thousands of companies put their trust in Fair Isaac to protect their customers against identity theft and fraudulent transactions," said Dennis Ainge, SVP at TARGUSinfo. "Many of these same companies look to TARGUSinfo for on-demand data about consumers and businesses that are conducting a transaction with their company. We are widely known as having the most up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive on-demand telephone, name and address data in the industry. We welcome the opportunity to deliver best-in-class identity theft protection tools with Fair Isaac."

Identity theft remains the fastest-growing crime in the U.S. According to the Federal Trade Commission report, there are millions of victims of identity theft every year, costing businesses and consumers tens of billions of dollars annually.

"Qsent's Contact Accuracy Services - name, address and phone number - provide a proven real-time identity standard for verification, contact decisioning and risk scoring applications," said Scott Cruickshank, Qsent President and COO. "By supporting Fair Isaac's industry-leading fraud detection tools, we can assist in enhancing organizations' ability to quickly and accurately assess risk and build customer trust."

Built on Fair Isaac's fraud leadership and expertise in protecting 65 percent of the world's active credit card accounts and 85 percent in the U.S., Falcon ID enables businesses to achieve new levels of effective identity fraud protection. By applying an unprecedented depth of predictive data from both internal and external sources, Falcon ID delivers accurate determination of identity fraud risk while enabling smoother processing of applications and transactions of genuine customers.

Falcon ID's unique capabilities include an ID Clearinghouse which accesses external data and validation services as required, and facilitates real-time sharing of critical information between companies in the same industry - and across different industries - to detect when an identity is compromised. In addition, Falcon ID is the only solution in the market that combines identity fraud detection with a configurable and web-based case management system, thereby linking upfront detection with a means for action and resolution, as well as selective manual review of risky accounts, offering the lowest false positives in the industry.

Falcon ID is part of Fair Isaac's Falcon One system, a new enterprise software system designed to help banks effectively combat both existing and emerging types of fraud at every point of customer interaction. Fair Isaac currently offers several key solutions within the Falcon One infrastructure - including Falcon Fraud Manager and Falcon ID.

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