Mantas launches new fraud detection tools

Source: Mantas

Mantas, Inc. today announced another expansion of its products for financial services institutions with the introduction of three new products aimed at even greater loss prevention and revenue generation.

Mantas Operational Risk Analysis, Mantas Fraud Detection and Mantas Client Assurance leverage the award-winning Mantas Behavior Detection Platform to provide institutions with insight into risks and opportunities that otherwise go undetected.

"Improved operational transparency is the cornerstone to preventing losses and maximizing revenue generating opportunities," said Simon Moss, chief executive officer, Mantas. "Mantas is the only solution available that marries advanced analytics with all disparate data throughout a client's enterprise to deliver multiple solutions in compliance, loss prevention and revenue generation with any business unit, anywhere in the world. The addition of Operational Risk, Fraud and Client Assurance combined with the continued acceleration of Mantas innovation is helping our customers and our partners realize huge benefits and leverage from their Compliance and Regulatory strategies."

Mantas Fraud Detection is, in part, a response to the dramatic rise of account takeover and identity theft. Mantas Fraud Detection is specifically designed to identify sophisticated frauds such as internal employee fraud, identity theft, account takeover, change of customer registration and other malicious behaviors that today's "profiling based" solutions cannot detect. With the addition of Mantas Fraud Detection, financial institutions can reduce the number of account interruptions due to "false positive" fraudulent events. Inaccurate account disruptions are one of the leading causes of account closure. In addition to detecting sophisticated fraudulent activity, Mantas Fraud Detection provides a robust and flexible case management solution that allows banks to automate the investigation lifecycle of a fraud event.

Mantas Operational Risk Analysis enables financial institutions to proactively monitor critical controls and processes based on actual data from their entire enterprise, providing institutions with better understanding of their operational risk on a daily basis and the ability to reduce operational exposures. By leveraging Mantas' proven, analytic capabilities with Key Risk Indicators (KRI) used to manage business unit losses, banks and financial institutions will be capable of actively managing operational risk with the same turnaround and efficiency required in the compliance environment. Mantas Operational Risk Analysis examines data across business units and geographies throughout the organization to help institutions better identify operational exposures caused by business process, and internal- or third-party fraud.

Mantas Client Assurance breaks through the barriers and provides financial institutions with a clear, holistic picture of each customer's business. This allows institutions to identify cross-selling opportunities, refine pricing strategies and promote customer retention across asset classes. Unlike other client management, CRM or analysis systems, Mantas is unique in its ability to surveil customer activity regardless of business unit or geography. As a result, Mantas can analyze data from across the enterprise to identify customer patterns and trends on a daily basis. Through Mantas' advanced analytic capabilities, financial institutions will better understand how customers are utilizing the firm's products across units and geographies. This allows the institution to demonstrate that they understand the customer's business and transaction flow. They can also help customers mitigate risk by proactively providing alternate trading strategies and products.

Armed with a better understanding of customer trading behaviors and trends, financial institutions can promote higher margins by customizing financial products to that customer's activities and strategies. Additionally, the customer knowledge available from Mantas enables institutions to better promote cross-selling opportunities and to focus marketing programs on high margin products.

"Today's product introductions provide our clients with a broad set of offerings to improve operational transparency," said Stephen Epstein, vice president, product management, Mantas. "Mantas provides the strongest ROI to the market by providing answers to compliance, operational risk, fraud and client assurance on one platform, anywhere in the world and any financial business unit - retail banking or capital markets, mutual funds or insurance, credit card, ATM or internet transactions, retail brokerage or proprietary trading, buy side or sell side."

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