UL ships digital enablement test tool

Source: UL

UL is proud to announce the release of the UL Digital Enablement Test Tool. This is the must-have integration tool for issuers that would like to launch mobile payment products such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, or with any other wallet service provider.

Last week, Apple Pay was introduced in the UK for customers of participating issuing banks. Tomorrow also your customers may come with questions on when you are ready for them to use Apple Pay. And what about Samsung Pay or Android Pay? Are you an Issuer that intends to launch mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay? Are you anticipating to use a Digital Enablement Service?

To enable mobile payments, either cloud-based, or relying on hardware secure elements, you can use existing Digital Enablement Services from payment networks (MasterCard MDES, Visa VTS, and Visa Europe VEPTS), or choose other proprietary technologies (including Trusted Service Managers). This involves both configuration of on-behalf services of the payment network, as well as changes in your issuing infrastructure.

The UL Digital Enablement Test Tool is a fully integrated and automated solution to facilitate process management and testing of the digitization of payment cards according to the requirements of MasterCard and Visa.

“UL is proud to announce that with the UL Digital Enablement Test Tool, we are fully prepared to support Issuers that wish to enable mobile payments by using Digital Enablement Services. This new tool will speed up the time to market for issuers when preparing for connecting to the payment networks. Provisioning, Interoperability and User Experience are key aspects addressed by this new tool.” adds Maxim Dyachenko, Manager Service Line Test Tools at UL Transaction Security.

Apart from delivering state-of-the-art test tools, UL’s Mobile Test Centers around the globe provide end-to-end test services and interoperability testing. Verifying the mobile payment product works as it is supposed to, is of utmost importance to protect a company’s brand and to safeguard the users’ details. 

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