Trading game app invstr gets Facebook-style social stream

Source: invstr

Invstr, the acclaimed mobile app that democratises access to financial information today announces major iOS and Android app updates that overhaul the user experience to make invstr more social, collaborative and easier to use.

The major iOS and Android app update will include a new ‘future’ chart allowing traders to compare their predictions with other players and also to share predictions and activity on other social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The aim is to allow people to tap into “the wisdom of the crowds”.

invstr features a unique crowdsourced game that predicts the prices of individual stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities, enabling investors to weigh the strength of market convictions immediately when making real-world investment decisions. The app has also been praised for providing aspiring investors and professional financiers on-demand access to financial data, such as in-depth financial news, live market data and professional research previously requiring an expensive subscription terminal.

With the widespread Bloomberg terminal outage in April, financial professionals around the world were left without access to the real-time market data and news they rely on to make investment decisions. The invstr app offers a favourable mobile alternative to Bloomberg and other expensive subscription terminals by providing sophisticated, on-demand financial information directly to mobile devices for a fraction of the price.

The overhaul gives invstr a single feed resembling social network news streams. The new invstr Feed includes real-time price predictions, status updates and other social activity from users and their contacts. It also enables users to make a price prediction with a single tap, directly access detailed information for each financial instrument, view charts of the future and share opinions, in a single thread.

The new invstr features released today include:

· Social login via Facebook and Google+ for one-click registration, profile creation and easy connection with existing and new users
· Single tap to predict the prices on individual stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities
· View your contacts’ price predictions and copy or submit your own with a single tap
· The ability to like, comment on and share your contacts’ price predictions
· A new “challenge” feature that lets users compete against their contacts’ predictions
· A new “future” chart that allows a user to view all of his or her predictions and compare them to the invstr community and individual contacts
· A new “analyse” feature to access detailed charts, news, calendar information and topic discussions for any financial instrument
· The ability to post status updates to the invstr Feed
· Immediate access to status updates, comments or news articles shared by your contacts in the invstr Feed
· The ability to create personal watchlists and customise the display order of the stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities you care about
· Integrated social media features that allow users to share prediction activity and financial news on Facebook and Twitter

“We created invstr to give even the most casual investors fast, mobile access to in-depth market data, news and analysis,” said invstr CEO Kerim Derhalli, adding, “now we’re expanding invstr into a true financial social network by streamlining the app, making it simple to take part in financial conversations.”

Because of invstr’s unique combination of technology, news, and financial information, Derhalli is a 2015 finalist for the Talent Unleashed Awards, one of the judges being Sir Richard Branson. Before founding invstr, Derhalli built an impressive 30-year track record of building, growing and managing multi-billion dollar businesses, and has served as Global Head of Equity Trading, Head of European Equities, Global Head of Commodities, and Global Head of Emerging Market Equities at Deutsche Bank. 

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