Thomson Reuters launches Valuation Navigator for reference data and pricing workflows automation

Source: Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters, the world's leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, today announced the launch of Thomson Reuters Valuation Navigator, a software solution for rapid automation of reference data and pricing workflows.

The solution is designed to enable back-, middle- and front-office teams to analyze and easily search across a wide range of complex data sources, compare multiple pricing options and optimize valuation and risk activities.

Thomson Reuters Valuation Navigator improves transparency by streamlining data collection while eliminating tedious spreadsheet–based processes to simplify Net Asset Value (NAV) and Profit and Loss calculations. Through data consolidation and reformatting, users can integrate feeds directly into existing internal systems and gain enhanced insight through access to market-observable inputs and source data that supports evaluated pricing.

Built-in high-performance search technology enables users to easily navigate through vast amounts of consolidated pricing and reference data, while the individual asset drill-down function provides a side-by-side view of all current data vendors. This overview of available data allows users to create customized analytics and visualizations that guide evaluated pricing decisions, leading to more accurate and transparent portfolio valuation.

“We are delighted to provide customers with an advanced solution that transforms their workflow for better efficiency and accuracy,” said Jayme Fagas, global head, Valuations and Transparency for Thomson Reuters Pricing and Reference Services. “Today, financial services firms are operating in an environment of increased international regulation -- from the implementation of asset valuation requirements through Topic 820, IFRS 13, and Solvency II. In developing Thomson Reuters Valuation Navigator, our goal was to work closely with our clients to come up with a solution that empowers them to improve transparency and compliance in response to heightened global regulatory standards.”

Thomson Reuters Valuation Navigator is data vendor-agnostic. It can be used with any kind of data source, from pricing-service data feeds to emails and PDFs. The solution is offered pre-integrated with Thomson Reuters DataScope Select, Elektron and other Thomson Reuters data services. It also can be delivered with a wide range of optional workflow customizations to meet the particular needs of a business.

Many firms currently rely upon manually maintained valuation processes which are prone to error and can be costly to maintain. Thomson Reuters Valuation Navigator accelerates and automates these repetitive valuation workflows across the enterprise, allowing more time to review exceptions and determine the best pricing answer.  

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