Perseus pairs with Fastback for high speed urban networking

Source: Perseus

Fastback Networks today announced that Perseus, a leading global provider of managed services for high-precision, high-speed connectivity, has successfully deployed the Fastback Intelligent Backhaul Radio (IBR) to extend fiber based services via wireless connectivity with full SLA support to a top financial services firm.

The site location for the deployment is surrounded by fully obstructed Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) conditions in the restricted confines of lower Manhattan. With 7Hello60 Mbps aggregate throughput in NLOS, Perseus’ IBR deployment is delivering fiber-equivalent performance and reliability to fully meet SLAs in conditions not normally conducive to wireless.

“The Fastback IBR is a perfect option for fiber extension applications where fiber is not available or economically viable, and where traditional microwave solutions would not make the grade in terms of performance, reliability and cost effectiveness,” said Andrew Kusminsky, COO & CSO, Perseus. “This gives us the ability to serve customers across a variety of industries with a product and technology that's quick, efficient, and inexpensive to deploy anywhere in the world.”

“Reliable, high capacity connectivity is the lifeline for organizations in financial services, and essential industries like energy and transportation, healthcare, education and entertainment,” said Kevin J. Duffy, CEO & Co-founder, Fastback Networks. “As Perseus has demonstrated, the Fastback IBR enables extension of high speed wireless connectivity services to more locations with greater certainty. This makes the IBR ideal for extending or providing backup for commercial services.”

Many firms in New York and other high-density areas face situations where Line-of-Sight is not favorable for business continuity and bandwidth. Even with two city block-sized buildings obstructing the wireless path, Perseus was able to establish a high-capacity connection in less than an hour using the IBR, which reflected the wireless signal off of lower Manhattan’s Freedom Tower and neighboring structures to successfully make the required NLOS shot.

In using the Fastback IBR, Perseus and its client benefit from:
• Immediate wireless deployment - Perseus was able to replace the client’s fiber connection with an equivalent carrier-grade wireless Ethernet connection within a day, with two Fastback IBR units mounted, auto-aligned and self-synchronized inside of one hour. With the IBR, there is no need for time-consuming frequency planning or laborious manual alignment.
• Reliable high performance in NLOS - The IBR delivered a carrier-grade 760 Mbps aggregate performance and reliability for the Perseus client in complete NLOS conditions. The deployment also benefited from the IBR’s industry leading low latency (‹500 µsec).
• Impervious to interference - The IBR is highly tolerant to the reflective environments and high levels of interference typically found in downtown areas. The IBR’s interference mitigation features dynamically self-adjust to the best available frequencies via advanced signal processing techniques, with no need for manual readjustments.

Additional IBR advantages accruing to Perseus include a single wireless connectivity device for Any Line of Sight (AnyLOS™) conditions, install-and-forget operation, easy over-the-air upgrades, low capital cost, and reduced labor expenses over the deployment lifecycle. The solution can also be quickly and easily deployed in a cost-effective manner among any of the clients Perseus has around the globe.

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