Spire Payments’ Linux POS range certified to support Compass Plus TranzWare system

Source: Spire Payments

Spire Payments’ new suite of Linux-based POS terminals (the SP range) continues to gain global acceptance by achieving Compass Plus approval for TranzWare system.

This milestone builds on the rapidly growing number of payment systems able to support the SP product line, and offers an ever-growing number of acquirers, banks, ISOs, payment gateway providers and large retailers a legacy estate replacement strategy, together with the ability to exploit the latest payment technologies (such as contactless payments, HCE, smart loyalty schemes and mPOS).

The SP product line spans the entire breadth of environments where POS devices are deployed: countertop (dial-up and IP); portable (Wi-Fi); mobile (GPRS); multilane (RS232, USB, Ethernet); and mPOS (Bluetooth and USB). Meeting the most stringent PCI 3.x and 4.x security certifications and both PayPass and PayWave contactless/NFC standards, all possible POS requirements can be met. In addition, utilising a common Linux development environment allows applications to be written once, approved and implemented across the entire range, including mPOS.

The TranzWare™ product suite has been developed by Compass Plus, a well-established business providing feature-rich payment solutions to customers. Its diverse customer base includes retail banks, processing centres, national switches and personalisation centres in dozens of countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and North and South America. Supporting over 40,000 ATMs and 500,000 POS devices, the approval presents significant opportunities.

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